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After a couple of college degrees, I started as a high school theatre teacher and debate coach in my home state of Texas (Go Humble High Wildcats). 


Then I realized I was teaching acting, but hadn't done it professionally, so I moved to Dallas to be a full-time actor. 


Then realized I wanted some rigorous acting training, so I quit acting so I could learn HOW to act. 


After an MFA in Classical Acting at SMU, I worked as an actor in New York City for 7 years.  Now I live in Los Angeles--where New York actors go to be warm.  Turns out being a Type A Creative makes for being a good producer, too.


I like to run. I think I do more yoga than I *actually* do.  I dance the Argentine Tango, really miss driving a pick-up, dig physics jokes, and can organize your stuff.

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Recent News

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  • Human Interest Story at The Fountain Theatre

  • The One Who Brung You, (film), Dir. Alexis Jacknow

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  • Miles Underwater (feature film) Dir. Jen Prince

  • Up The Stairs, a short (film) with Jimmy Buffet